A three-day trip to Amsterdam, engrossed in Dutch museums, inspired Iben, one of the designers at the Copenhagen studio, to embark upon a new investigation of the floral designs which are already so dear to Epice.
“Arriving in Amsterdam, it was icy cold – there was just one place to take refuge: the museums. I was bowled over by the visual impact of the works of the Dutch masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. This was the golden age …”
A visit to the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, in the company of Jan Machenhauer, confirmed this enchantment and encouraged both designers to take a different approach to flowers and bouquets.



Featuring printed and woven bouquets, this series of shawls represents a tribute to all the artists who were able to expand and surpass, with such energy and beauty, the rules of still life which were prevalent in their day.


These bouquets, whether of simple flowers or a profusion of blooms, are both compositions and reconstitutions. In Nordic countries, at that time, these flowers were rare and precious. In many cases, the scenes represented are both invented and composed.




Exploiting the effects of varying light envisaged in the design sketches and achieved by the selection of materials and weaves, these shawls are evocative of the luminous density of northern skies.