It is no coincidence that Epice designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer have chosen to pay tribute to the Danish author Karen Blixen, whose famous book Out of Africa describes her years in the Masai territory. A woman of strong and independent character, her life was a by-word for boldness, elegance and the avant-garde.
For the summer of 2015, Epice has produced a collection inspired by the lifestyle of this writer, who is virtually considered as a “national treasure” in Denmark.



Karen Blixen had an unconditional love for flowers and the art of original composition. She combined elegant flowers with wild grasses, showing a flair which was highly daring for the times. It is still possible to admire her bouquets of fresh flowers in the museum which is dedicated to her name, at Rungted Kyst in Denmark.




Karen Blixen’s house, now converted into a museum, is also a source of inspiration. Take her long lace curtains, tumbling down to the floor like a ripple in a river…




Danish designers have also drawn upon the African years of Karen Blixen. In addition to the check patterns of the Masai, these leading colourists, steeped in the light of the Nordic territories, have adopted the house colours of Epice – earth, ochre, sand, black, or sky blue – to arrive at more physical interpretations of the savannah.